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SAFE is a Halton focused committee of female-identified survivors who are no longer in crisis. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with other agencies to influence policies, educate the Halton Community and empower other survivors, their loved ones, and those still in crisis.

We at SAFE found the strength along our journeys to speak up about gender-based violence. Speaking up empowers our self-esteem and resiliency, enhancing our lives as we strive to transform the lives of others.

We are engaged in community outreach programs, public speaking, committee involvement, participation in community events, monitoring Halton community needs and raising awareness to support those in crisis.

SAFE Committee meets in Halton monthly to share news, receive training and plan activities.

Our Mission

At SAFE, we aim to take action to eradicate all forms of violence against women and the power imbalances that allow abuse to continue.

Our Mission

Our Vision

SAFE takes action to eliminate violence against women through a collaborative approach focusing on engaging and supporting all women survivors. We work in coalition with agencies and organizations, self-governing and otherwise, to transform and empower lives, and influence policies.

Community Involvement

SAFE is the survivors voice on the Halton Violence Prevention Council.

SAFE has developed a program for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault: Recovery & Beyond. The program is facilitated by survivors from the SAFE Committee.

SAFE offers public education speaking engagements to all types of social events in the community, both public and private.

Contact SAFE if you are interested in learning more. 

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